Order before 12 Noon Monday - Friday and we'll deliver same-day.

Saturday same-day delivery is available for orders placed by 10:30am.

Sunday delivery is only available by appointment.

Please call us directly if you need a delivery made at a specific time.


Our studio is open by appointment only.

Please call us to order flowers and arrange a time for pick up.


Which suburbs do you deliver to?

We use a courier service that allows us to deliver to every suburb in Metropolitan Sydney. We also offer delivery to a few suburbs in the most northern parts of Sydney, which are considered outside the metro area. They include Arcadia, Berrilee, Berowra, Berowra Heights, Berowra Waters, Brooklyn, Cowan, Fiddletown, Galston, Mooney Mooney and Mount Kurring-gai.

Do you have set delivery times?

Yes we do! Delivery can be made anytime between 9am-6pm Monday - Friday and 10am - 5pm Saturday.

What time will my flowers be delivered?

We usually do flower deliveries in the afternoon. Most people don’t expect their flower delivery and may not be home until the end of the day. By delivering at the end of the day there is less likelihood of something happening to them if we need to leave them unattended, the flowers won’t be exposed to the elements for a prolonged period.

Can I get delivery in the morning or for a specific time (such as for a funeral)?

Yes you can! We may need to charge VIP rates to get your delivery there in a specific timeframe (this rate is set by an external courier company). If you are happy for a delivery to arrive anytime before 1pm and you have placed the order before the day it needs to be sent, we can often avoid charging VIP rates. 

If you need AM or timed delivery with same-day delivery, please call us directly to place the order on 0434 54 33 55 so we can let you know if this is possible.

Why do I need to provide a phone number for the person I’m giving flowers to?

We use this number for 3 things

1. Google gets us lost! The quickest way to find their home is calling the recipient directly.

2. If there is no one to accept the flowers, we leave them a friendly message and photo of where to find their flower delivery.

3. The recipient is in a security building and we need to know where we can safely leave their flowers.

When are flowers delivered for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day?

We book experienced couriers to deliver flowers just for us on big ‘flower holidays’. They start delivering flowers from 8:30am on those days and have often completed our preorder deliveries by 1pm. As these are very busy days, we do not guarantee any delivery time and ask that you do not call to ask whether your flowers have been delivered until after 3pm. If your flowers haven’t been delivered by this point, please feel free to call and we can endeavour to see when they should arrive.

How can I get a delivery made by a specific time?

We understand that people may need their gift delivered at a certain time, especially when it comes to funerals or deliveries to workplaces. For time specific deliveries, we recommend you call us and place the order over the phone. We can work out if there is an in-house courier available who can assist with the specific delivery time. If not, we then check with the external courier company we use. Extra charges may apply depending on the service that is required. 

For deliveries that must be made before 1pm, we add a surcharge that the courier company charges us for this privilege. Again, sometimes it is possible for us to assist without the surcharge if you call the shop and an in-house courier is available at that time. 

Can you deliver to a business address or school?

We can deliver to business addresses and schools. We ask you provide the hours that the recipient will be at work so we can endeavour to have your gift there during those hours. Please provide a phone number that can be answered at the workplace in case we have trouble finding them!